Yosuke Kubota

Org/Business Design

Drawing on my experience in corporate branding at a major distribution company, I now work on design research for organizational change and branding projects, as well as designing workshops to help project team members unleash their creativity.


Designing brands that have meaning

I believe that a brand's essence is revealed through action, and so I strive to design brands that go beyond purpose and visual design to incorporate action. I want to explore both the "Being" and "Doing" of the corporate and organizational vision that KESIKI promotes.

A culture that encourages individual creativity

I'm working on the challenge of designing an organizational culture that enables each individual to unleash their creativity. Because I don't come from a creative background myself, I want to explore how we can help everyone in the organization unleash their creativity in order to achieve the company's purpose.

Enjoying idle time

I consciously make time to do nothing. While I feel fulfilled when I'm busy with work or in my private life, my mind and heart get tired. I find that simply spacing out without a particular purpose helps to clear my mind and leave room to relax. I'm exploring different ways to spend my idle time, such as changing the location, time, or an accompanying beverage.


I studied economics and marketing at Chuo University. After graduating, I worked on branding and internal communications at a major distribution company. As part of the branding effort, I planned an anniversary project involving the entire company and led the project as a whole while also working in other areas. Through participating in the Creative Leadership Program (TCL) at Tama Art University, which KESIKI runs, I joined KESIKI in 2022.