Koichi Babazono

Director, Experience Design

I have experience as a Lead Designer in new businesses and as an Experience Design Director at a consulting company. I utilize my experience to shape ideas into products, from prototypes to product development. I handle a wide range of design work such as UI/UX design, graphic design, and video production.


Building something from scratch

As a designer, I believe our purpose is to create something from nothing. By transforming intangible things such as words, ideas, and feelings into tangible products through design, I want to further expand the scope of products and businesses that can be built through the power of design.

Design opens doors to possibilities

Design is about shaping ideas, solving problems, and creating new things. Design creates triggers, and applies new essences to existing things. I believe that ambiguity opens doors to new possibilities. I believe that engaging with this ambiguity is what it truly means to design.

Creating things that make people happy

By creating things, I want to make people happy. It's what I'm passionate about. I want to explore ways to make things that help both individuals and society; by solving problems to achieve a better society. That's why I design.


After graduating from Tokyo Denki University, I worked at a video production company where I was involved in video editing and directing, and producing videos such as VP, MV, TV, and CM. At DeNA, I launched several services both domestically and internationally as a Lead Designer. In product development, I design the overall UI/UX and VI, and have much experience creating new businesses from scratch.

In 2016, I joined BCG Digital Ventures as a founding member. As an Experience Design Director, I was involved in creating multiple new businesses in finance, insurance, mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial goods.