Mio Takeshita

Corporate Design

I bring my experience working as an assistant and secretary in the finance industry to primarily support Shun Ishikawa, the representative of the company, as his secretary. I aim to plan internal events, and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere at KESIKI.


Scheduling is like solving a puzzle

It's always a challenge to adjust the schedules of KESIKI's busy and unique members. I enjoy this task as I approach it like solving a puzzle each time. However, because our members have different needs, unexpected things can happen. Sometimes I accidentally schedule something incorrectly or a family emergency arises. I always try to be prepared with flexibility and kindness, and try to enjoy handling such situations.

If you're going to complain, make it fun

As humans, there are many things we find unpleasant or disappointing. I enjoy listening to people's complaints and helping them find solutions or settle their emotions by talking with them. However, I also believe that we shouldn't make our listeners feel negative emotions. So, my motto is "If you're going to complain, make it funny." If you have any complaints, please feel free to come to me, and let's turn them into laughter.

All children in the world are lovable

I have a three-year-old son, and before he was born, I honestly wasn't very interested in children. However, since having a child of my own, I find all children in the world adorable - those who are wobbling around, those who are throwing a tantrum in a stroller, or those who are comfortably snuggled in a baby carrier. If you see someone grinning while looking at children, that would be me.


I graduated from Gakushuin University with a degree in psychology. After graduation, I worked as an assistant in the front office of the domestic bond department at a major securities company, and then worked as a secretary for an executive at the same investment company. After a fateful encounter, I joined KESIKI in 2022.