Designing the ideal form of existence


Will and Meaning

At KESIKI, we position purpose as the "intersection of will and meaning," encompassing both a mission (the purpose of existence in society) and a vision (what needs to be achieved to accomplish the mission). Through interviews and workshops, we create a picture of the ideal form of existence and articulate its significance to society by layering on its meaning.


Space and Systems

To create and establish organizational culture, it is necessary to design the office environment for comfortable work with tools that promote rich communication, as well as programs for personnel evaluation and talent development. By reviewing past working styles and speculating on future ones, KESIKI designs the "space" and "system" for each employee to work comfortably.



Even if you define your purpose with beautiful words, nothing will change if employees do not incorporate it into their daily actions. "Value" and "ritual" are essential for creating an organizational culture. "Value" refers to a set of behavioral guidelines, and "ritual" refers to customs that permeate these values. By designing these, we can positively guide the behavior of each employee.


Designing Objects and Ideas


Exploring Essence

Why do people get excited? When do they feel comfortable or dissatisfied? At KESIKI, we observe people's casual behavior and decipher their underlying essential feelings. Instead of focusing on verifying our hypotheses, we empathize with the person's position and explore the product or service concept in a probing manner, while brainstorming and iterating.


Experience and Emotion

We design "human emotions" that arise from the experience of using a product or service, such as excitement, relief, or satisfaction from doing something good for the planet. We iterate on prototypes and incorporate user feedback to create things that are not only convenient and efficient, but also deeply loved over time. By observing people's behaviors and delving into the underlying essence of what makes them feel good or dissatisfied, we design products and services that touch people's hearts.


Empathy and Co-creation

Our consciousness is changing, from "consumers" who prioritize price and quality to "citizens" who think about what actions can create a better future. At KESIKI, in addition to creating objects and ideas, we aim to create a movement that connects people to a better future by communicating through media, taking symbolic action, and developing educational programs that resonate with learners. Through these efforts, we strive to create the story of a better future.



This represents the uniqueness and characteristics of a company or brand. KESIKI believes that this essence is not just about being unique, but refers to the state when a company or brand is "Being" and "Doing" the same thing. In other words, KESIKI believes that true "essence" is achieved when a company or brand's desired vision and the products/services they create are in harmony.