In Japan, there is a culture of breathing new life into things that have been cherished and used for a long time. Mending broken bowls with lacquer. Putting pieces of pottery back together with the art of kintsugi. The threads of gold created from mending these broken pieces are called "KESIKI" (scenery).

In this age where new products and services are created one after another, it is important to uncover the true essence and create long-lasting value. We want to create not only novelty and convenience, but also a culture where people can feel the freedom to be themselves, as they are. These aspirations are what launched KESIKI.

We draw out the visions of companies and teams to create products and experiences that people want to use forever. From there, we design an economy where people, society, and the planet are connected through kindness.KESIKI hopes to expand this mission from Japan to the World.


Our Values

KESIKI's purpose is to create a kind economy. This means an economy born from a cultures where individuals' imagination and creativity are linked together across space and time.
To achieve our purpose, we value three things

  • PLAY


    KESIKI's goal is to create a world filled with the feeling "wanting to do" rather than just "have to do." We experiment and stay playful while creating organizations, products, and experiences that are driven by imagination and creativity.
  • MIX


    We want to incorporate various perspectives from urban and rural areas, from the young and the old, and weave them together to create long-lasting value that is loved by all. KESIKI will continue to explore what it truly means to feel fulfilled from now and into the next era.
  • LOOP


    By delving into a company's history or reinterpreting existing concepts and experiences, we strive to discover new value. We aim to connect this value over time. KESIKI takes on the challenge of creating not only creating brand new value, but also rediscovering existing value.


What KESIKI can do

We create. We drive change. We expand.
Through our design-driven approach, we will bring out the individuality, imagination, and creativity of each person through cultural transformation, new business creation, heartful acquisitions of small and medium-sized enterprises in need, education, and media development.


In 2021, KESIKI took over the management of a furniture manufacturing and sales company that had been in business for 40 years. It is a rare occurrence for a design firm to conduct a business succession-type M&A. We aspire to design products and services, as well as the companies that create them, to be loved by people, society, and the earth for a long time.



The air that flows through a company or team. The feelings of the people who work together. The relationships between customers and society.
If companies and organizations can transform these things in a positive way to become more loved, this will surely create a future where kindness abounds. KESIKI's team members come from diverse backgrounds, including designers, editors, and professionals in organizational and business development. We work to support cultural transformation within companies and teams through purpose definition, organizational design, and by launching new businesses.



KESIKI is responsible for program direction at the Tama Art University Creative Leadership Program (TCL). Graduates of the program are active everywhere, including major Japanese companies and government agencies. Through our involvement in education, including TCL, and through media outreach, we aim to expand our network of like-minded individuals. Together with our friends and allies, we continue to uncover how to create producing an economy that fosters a rich culture.