Kenshiro Kitamura

Experience Design

I have extensive experience in the tech industry, utilizing my experience in design thinking to creating new businesses and develop existing business; I lead innovation creation from concept development to prototype implementation, as well as implementing products and services to transform culture.


Prototyping that produces rich experiences

I am passionate about selecting the optimal prototype for each concept or phase, and creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I challenge myself to quickly cycle through hypothesis building and hypothesis testing to create rich experiences.

Physical interaction that evokes intuitive feedback

I am interested in products that evoke intuitive feedback, which cannot be achieved solely through digital media such as apps or websites. In the past, I have proposed IoT devices and communication services utilizing 3D printers and AR/VR technologies. At KESIKI, I am challenging myself to transform organizational culture by creating physical interactions that change user behavior and attitudes through tools that invite physical interaction.

Discovering the essence within trends that never go out of style

I am interested in finding hidden essences within transient trends such as youth culture and counterculture. In the past, I have also collaborated with apparel brands for personal projects. On the other hand, I have expanded my interests to traditional cultures rooted in local areas and conducted research on "a kind economy" wuhich KESIKI aims to create, with a focus on "trends that never go out of style."


After graduating from Kyoto Institute of Technology Graduate School, I participated in various projects in a wide range of business areas such as smart cities, cars, home appliances, and social media apps at Toyota and Mitsubishi Electric. Based on my experience in building product and service hypotheses without the boundary between software and hardware, I excel at creating new experiential values that merge digital and physical, online and offline.

In new business creation projects, I have a track record of exhibiting prototypes at SXSW in the US, which lead to the establishment of service businesses, as well as experience in developing concept cars for the Tokyo Motor Show and CES in the US. I have received numerous awards, including the Good Design Award, the German ABC Award, and the Google Android Experiment.

I joined KESIKI in 2022.