Kayoko Wada

Corporate Design

I leverage my broad experience in back-office functions such as general affairs, labor management, and human resources to carry out all necessary functions. Labor management covers many difficult things, including complex legal matters, but my motto is to create a comfortable working environment and ensure that everyone enjoys working here.


Creating an office environment filled with kindness

After a few frantic years of changing diapers and riding my bike with one kid in the front and one in the back, I now have the mental space to enjoy the scenery while walking with my children. In this mental space, I try to sense the mood of each member of our team and encourage them to take a break when they seem tired. I also want to share in the happiness of our members when they have something to celebrate. I hope to continue supporting our team at KESIKI in this way, so that we can maintain a happy and positive environment.

Seeking healthy snacks

KESIKI members love to eat! There are many snacks available in the office, including junk food with high calories, but I search for healthy snacks that members who are watching their weight will also enjoy, based on my experience managing diets.


After graduating from junior college, I worked in general affairs, labor management, and human resources at a publishing company and an air conditioning equipment company.

I joined KESIKI in 2021.