Masato Ushimaru

Insight Design

With a background in business development, visual anthropology, and photography, I lead design research, service design, and culture design that expands to the non-verbal realm using the power of visual approach.


Non-verbal design research

How is it possible to conduct multisensory design research that is not confined to linguistic information? Based on my experience studying visual and multimodal anthropology, I am exploring ways to derive insights from non-verbal information through workshops and via research utilizing video and sound.

Insight and decision-making

What is better insight for better decision-making? What does it mean to truly "empathize?" As a team, we are considering ways to connect user-oriented insights to future business creation and policy making, drawing inspiration from anthropology and design.

Design and academia

What is the ideal collaboration of design in the future? In Denmark, where I moved to study anthropology, there were many opportunities for government, business, and academia to sit around a table and discuss the future of society. Anthropology and design, philosophical thought and business strategy, ethics and technology. Between design and academia, we will find new image of designers in the future.


Born in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Social Sciences, he worked at Recruit Co., Ltd. in planning and promoting business strategies for media and SaaS products.
He then went on to Aarhus University in Denmark, where he received a master’s degree in visual anthropology. During his studies, he conducted long-term fieldwork in the northern Philippines, wrote ethnography on care practices and social movements among visually impaired people, and produced an ethnographic film. He joined KESIKI while still in school.
He is also active as a photographer, exploring various forms of photography, from research to art, that are not confined to conventional fields.