Junji Sasaki


I design WYLC products. I am responsible for the creative process, including production, product development, diagramming, and also the web and physical store experience.



There are various factors that cause us to feel attached to things. A special memory, a memorable experience, a gift from a loved one, or irreplaceable time spent together. While continuing to produce high quality furniture, we are thinking about how we can create the kind of attachment that is possible only at WYLC.

Made in Japan

We want to energize Japanese craftsmanship. We want to use the furniture we make and the initiatives we take as a catalyst for the emergence of craftspeople with valuable Japanese skills in every field, from upstream to downstream furniture making, blacksmiths who make hand tools, to machinists who make woodworking machines.

Segregation of craftspeople

In the world of manufacturing, makers of various materials are working hard in their own respective fields. Can we break down these barriers? We are searching for a new way of making things via lateral connections.


Born in Fujiidera City, Osaka. Born to a landscape architect father and craftsman mother, he developed an interest in making things with his hands at an early age.
After graduating from Bunka Gakuin College with a degree in fine arts, he decided to make wood-based crafts, and studied the basics of woodworking techniques and how to prepare hand tools such as planes and chisels from scratch at the Woodworking Technology Department of Tokyo Metropolitan Shinagawa Technical College (now Jonan Vocational Skills Development Center). Later, he graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Industrial Design, majoring in woodworking.
In 2008, he joined WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY, attracted by the system in which one craftsman is in charge of all processes, including wood cutting, processing, assembly, finishing, painting, and delivery.
In the company’s annual design competition, he has proposed several products from a craftsman’s point of view.
While mainly producing storage furniture (chests, cabinets, living room boards, etc.), he is also working on new product development.