Yuri Kato

Insight Design

I leverage my experience in behavioral science and the environmental sector to conduct design research that approaches the real human experience. My goal is to create designs that not only raise awareness, but also facilitate behavior change.


Empathize with the person on the other side

Unconsciously, people tend to imagine perfectly rational beings when designing services, but in reality, people are a bit lazy and imperfect, just like me. So, I work on designs that consider this fact and facilitate the behavior that people really do.

Untangling the roots of kind actions

I am interested in why people, who are naturally selfish beings, take socially beneficial (prosocial) actions such as being considerate of the environment. I try to decipher the background behind such actions and explore ways to encourage prosocial behavior.

Smiles, warmth, and serendipity

I believe it is important not only to objectively explain rational and subjective aspects, but also to consider emotions, moments of happiness, and the creation of moments that make one's heart flutter, rather than just focusing on larger systems.


After completing my studies at the Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, I worked at the Ministry of the Environment on policies related to climate change, biodiversity conservation, and waste disposal and resource recycling. During my studies, I also studied behavioral science at the University of Warwick and University College London in the UK. As a member of the behavioral science team and a director at the NPO Policy Garage, I work on making public policies more human-centered.