Michiko Wakimizu

Org/Business Design

Drawing from my experience leading marketing and business development projects that utilize creativity as a powerful tool, I am currently focusing on projects related to cultural development and new business creation.


Using design that connects the economy

I am passionate about the use of design in ways that contributes to the economy. Design is a sensitive tool that possesses tremendous power, but when used incorrectly, its true potential cannot be realized. I am constantly exploring the use of design to bring about essential changes to the economy, organizations, and human emotions.

Leap before you look

I consciously prioritize "trying things out" before thinking too much and settling for a boring and logically sound conclusion. I would rather head towards an exciting future.

Connections to honey

My family runs a mandarin orange farm and beekeeping business, and my grandfather's workshop was my playground during my childhood. Through my involvement in design, I have come to think of myself as having a "cheat code," having grown up in such a unique environment. I am currently attempting to brand my family's business in order to share the bounty of natural honey with the world and create lasting relationships.


I am from Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture. After graduating from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, I worked on new business development at SIer and apparel companies. When I fell into the trap of feeling uninspired by logically sound project proposals, I discovered “design thinking” and joined Loftwork/FabCafe as a producer, supporting the launch of the STEAM education project in Tsukuba City and promoting a research institution. My hobby is early morning running.