Masahiro Inou

Narrative Design

I’ve been involved in planning, editing, and writing multiple owned-media in the business field, as well as designing, planning, and directing promotional campaigns. I create narratives and copy that make things personal, even if they’re not about me.


Worlds by words

When I was a student, I was drawn to the allure of words that completely change the meaning of things. This started when I read copy that said "leftovers become dishes to enjoy later." The world we see is made up of the words we use. That's why I want to weave words that make the world look a little more positive and kind.

"Why" is fun

The reason why I'm interested in "why" is because a friend told me, "It's not that things aren't interesting, it's that you're not interested in them." From then on, I wanted to be interested in everything with a critical eye, but also with a sense of fun and enjoyment. I think that's the best way to build good relationships.

Experts are amateurs

As an editor, everything can be a subject of work, but I'm also an amateur when it comes to everything. However, because I'm an amateur, I can ask seemingly stupid or simple questions. I want to continue to be a beginner expert forever.


After graduating from Waseda University, I worked in recruitment and employer branding at Wantedly before moving on to the editing and design firm Inquire. As an editor, I was in charge of planning and editing several owned-media. Later on, I aimed to be an editor and worked on public relations, planning, and media operation with clients ranging from an AI startup to an established public bathhouse. My hobby is watching movies, and I watch around 100 a year.