Naoki Hasegawa

Org/Business Design

As an actor, I have used my imagination and senses to make other people’s (script) words my own, and I want to apply that experience to the design and facilitation of workshops that bring out the creativity and potential of individuals.


Now, this moment

Currently, I am working on improvisational theater, creating plays on the spot without a script or prior meetings. What is important to me is not predictable "correctness," but what happens in the moment, and rolling with it. I want to use my entire body, mind, and heart to enjoy unexpected events.

Enjoying the art of creation

No matter how much AI advances and changes the world, I believe that the joy of creating something oneself, and creating something with others, will never disappear. I love the moment when everyone's ideas come together, creating something that belongs to no one individual.

Sharing stories

Even if we experience the same event, different narrators will have different perspectives and feelings. History, goals, and values are also different. That's why conflicts and disputes sometimes arise. Assuming that people cannot understand each other, I still want to exchange ideas and words with others, and create a gentle world.


After graduating from International Christian University, I worked at a trading company and handled petroleum product trading. Later, I became an actor and studied acting for three years at the New National Theatre’s drama training school. After graduation, I appeared in many movies, commercials, and plays, and also wrote and produced my own movie scripts. In addition, I have experience working in my family’s fishing business and fighting fish in the open sea early in the morning as a fisherman.