Setsu Yamaguchi

Org/Business Design

Drawing on my experience from planning and promoting Japanese tea ceremonies and corporate planning and project management at a growing venture before and after public listing, I am mainly engaged in projects for organizational transformation and culture building.


In between sensitivity and business

I have experienced the joys and difficulties of both a non-profit organization working to spread the culture of Japanese tea to the world, and a publicly traded company working to fulfill its commitments to the market. I believe that it is possible to maintain ones status of being a loved company while also producing continual profit.

Working with aspiration and passion

To stoke the passion not only of inspired and passionate leaders, but also of each and every person in the organization. The aggregation of these passions will create an organization, culture, and society. We honor hidden thoughts, passions, and talents so that the light in a person's heart will always shine. And also may the light in my own heart always be lit so that I can notice those thoughts in others.

A world where Japanese tea leaves a legacy

The tea ceremony was my first career as a working adult. Its profundity still fascinates me to this day. The things I have learned through the tea ceremony have also helped me a great deal in my life. The rigidity and high standards found in the essential values and perspective of tea ceremony help many people, and I am seeking a way to sustain the culture of tea ceremony in a way that is appropriate to our current times.


Born in Tokyo. Studied aesthetics and art history at university.
After graduation, worked as a PR Planner and Producer at School of Tea Ceremony to promote tea ceremony. Later, she worked in the management staff department of a venture company before and after it was listed on the stock exchange, mainly leading projects for fostering corporate culture and providing internal communication services.

After experiencing the extremes of promoting traditional Japanese culture and a growing venture business, she became interested in business and culture design that would be loved for a long time, and attended the Creative Leadership Program (TCL) at Tama Art University. Joined KESIKI in July 2023.