Masahiro Kunieda

Org/Business Design

I bring my experience in project management for a global organization with diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as creating new businesses in a large corporation, and utilizing design thinking I learned at a Nordic design school to lead projects for organizational change, cultural development, and new business creation.


The design of individuality and willpower.

While studying at Aalto University, I explored 'Meaningfulness Design', which I researched with a psychology professor. 'Meaningfulness Design' is a term I coined that refers to designing environments that unleash individuality and willpower from an individual perspective, designing spaces and dialogues that bring out identity and purpose from an organizational perspective, and designing the culture and atmosphere that Japan possesses from a societal perspective.

Exploring Diversity Management

I believe that combining seemingly contradictory elements such as playfulness and seriousness, kindness and toughness, logic and creativity in an organic way can lead to promoting innovation. Through my diverse experiences in various fields ranging from global and cross-cultural to engineering, design, plant, and healthcare, I have developed expertise in diversity management, and I continue to explore this topic.

Northern European Well-being

I chose Finland as my study abroad destination to explore the true meaning of well-being. Through my experiences there, I discovered that a society with high levels of happiness and well-being is one where individuals are able to live authentically as themselves. I believe that the key to achieving this lies in education and lifestyle, and I am committed to exploring what I can do to help make this a reality.


After completing graduate studies at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering, I worked in project management for LNG plant construction at Chiyoda Corporation. I was stationed in Australia and the Philippines, driving large-scale global projects for a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. After studying international design business management (IDBM) at Aalto University in Finland, I worked as a Business Designer, creating and launching new digital healthcare businesses for a major manufacturer.

At KESIKI, I lead projects, facilitating the process of balancing creativity and logic, and bridging and supporting teams with diverse specialties.。