Takao Kunori

Chief Narrative Officer

I have experience as an editor-in-chief for an economic media outlet, where I interviewed numerous companies and creators. I utilize this experience to lead purpose design and narrative design, which aim to illustrate the desired state of companies and organizations, and create a more pleasant societal atmosphere. I also am in charge of purpose and narrative design for KESIKI.


Editing and Design

To me, editing means asking questions of the world, and spreading those questions to create a movement. I believe this overlaps with design in many ways. Asking. Creating. Spreading. I am exploring new approaches by combining the methods of design and editing.

Culture and Business

When talking about books, music, or movies, I get excited and say, "This is great! I want to watch this!" But why is it that when it comes to business, the conversation becomes more about what "should" be done? I want to break down the invisible wall that exists between these two. I want to create a company where we can talk about what we "enjoy," just like when we talk about our favorite musicians.

People and the City

I enjoy getting off at a station I'm not familiar with, and aimlessly walking around a shopping district in the evening. I like getting lost in residential areas during my travels, imagining the daily lives of the people who live there. Rather than getting lost in nostalgia, I am exploring ways to smoothly connect the past, present, and future. I am also researching how people can live in a way that allows them to be more human-like, and investigating how communities can gather and thrive.


After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Hitotsubashi University and working for NTT Communications, I became an editor. After serving as a special feature desk and deputy editor-in-chief for “PRESIDENT” magazine, I joined Atomix Media (now Linktize) in 2017. There, I served as deputy editor-in-chief and web editor for “Forbes JAPAN,” planning and launching projects such as “39 Designers Changing the World,” “30 under 30 JAPAN,” and “SMALL GIANTS AWARD.” I also served as editorial director for “WORK MILL with Forbes JAPAN,” a magazine that considers the future of work in collaboration with office furniture maker Okamura until 2019, and received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 and the “2020 BtoB Advertising Award Judge’s Special Award” for the same project. In 2019, I founded KESIKI. Currently, I serve as an editorial advisor for “WWD JAPAN” and work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center, launching media and directing content, and supporting young entrepreneurs.