Fuyuto Onuki

Director, Org/Business Design

I leverage my experience in the hospitality industry and my education in business and design from graduate school to lead both organizational design and product/service design as a project lead.


Designing a culture that creates tailwinds for organizations

What is the "culture" that has an influence on both tangible things like products and services and intangible things like organizational behavior, and how can it be designed? By applying design thinking to the organization's "identity," I am exploring the design of a culture that creates tailwinds for organizations.

Igniting the flame in each individual

While working on organizational change, I am also grappling with the question of how we can deeply engage with each member of an organization and support their internal transformation. Through education projects and coaching activities both inside and outside of KESIKI, I am exploring the process of recognizing each person's "identity" and "purpose" and igniting the flame within them.

Economies driven by kindness: lodging and tourism

As one aspect of KESIKI's goal to create an "a kind economy" I am exploring the theme of "lodging" and "tourism," which consist of clothing, shelter, work, and play. I am conducting fieldwork on lodging and hotels that value kindness to people, regions, and the earth, expanding tourism education at universities, and researching the impact of ski resorts on regions.


After graduating from Waseda University, I was involved in the development, operation, and turnaround of hospitality and resort businesses at Tokyu Real Estate and elsewhere. In Niseko, Hokkaido, I led the turnaround of a condominium hotel business through a joint venture with a foreign company. In 2019, I obtained an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and joined KESIKI as a founding member.

I lead projects to design culture from both organizational and new business perspectives, involving clients’ members and supporting corporate transformation. Since 2021, I have been involved in the development of the Tama Art University Creative Leadership program for working professionals to implement design in management, and currently serve as a special lecturer.