Jun Uchikura

Chief Operating Officer

I leverage my experience in startup founding, investment banking, and private equity funds to lead business succession projects. In addition, I am responsible for all corporate operations at KESIKI, including finance, human resources, and general affairs.


"Great Companies" where people can thrive

I am tackling the question of what makes an "great company" that cannot be expressed solely by figures such as sales or profits. Based on my experiences at my previous job, I realized that the same person can have two to three times the performance depending on the environment, and the combination of such people becomes a great company. I am exploring the design of both hardware and software to create an environment where people can work energetically and excitingly.

Preserving Japan's Forests and Mountains

Through my involvement with WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY, which I took over due to my passion for furniture, my interest in wood as the materials for furniture, has expanded. Although Japan appears to have abundant forest resources, in actuality many domestic furniture manufacturers, including WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY, have no choice but to rely on imported wood. I am challenging myself to see if we can leave Japan's mountains in a better future state for our children and grandchildren.

Children's Education

Since my child was born in 2020, I have started thinking about what parents can do for their children and what experiences they want to provide for them. In the end however, I think the only thing parents can do is to love their children with their whole heart. Because I have been expereinced being rejected by officially authorized day care centers, I am thinking about how we can create our own approach to early childhood education at KESIKI.


I graduated from the University of Tokyo. During my studies, I founded multiple startups such as advertising and e-commerce businesses for students. After that, I worked for a European investment bank and then joined Unison Capital, a major domestic private equity fund in 2015. I was mainly responsible for investments in the hospitality sector and provided hands-on support for investment destinations in a wide range of areas such as organizational construction, operational improvement, and new business launch.

In 2019, I established KESIKI with Shun Ishikawa and Takao Kunori and tookn charge of business succession projects, venture capital, and organization and culture design projects for public agencies. In January 2021, I performed the business acquisition of WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY, a manufacturer and seller of furniture in Tokyo, also became its representative director.