Grasping the Signs of the Future


Project by Perspective Media "Dots & Loops"

Imagine your own future and create a process to make it into reality. This approach, called "Inside-Out," is about learning from practitioners who envision the future they want to create.
How can a strong vision and an empathetic circle make everyone a party to learning, without undermining the power of the words of the pioneers of change?
We implemented an online interview media with two types of content: live audio interviews and text excerpts. The planner himself became the interviewer and transmitted the content while throwing in a variety of viewpoints.
Interviewing the pioneers of "Inside-Out"

“We are at a crossroads. However, it’s up to us to decide which way to go,” says Daisuke Tamura, co-representative of RE:PUBLIC, which prompted the start of the Dots & Loops project.

Positioning itself as a “Perspective Media” to grasp the signs of the future, Dots & Loops was launched in the spring of 2020 as a joint project between RE:PUBLIC, BIOTOPE, and KESIKI. Pioneers in various fields were interviewed, featuring their voices and texts as an online interview media for nearly a year.


They spoke with practitioners of “Inside-Out,” people who imagine their own future and create a process to make it a reality. They interviewed five pioneers correlated with the three companies.

They interviewed Sumiyuki Nakadai, director of Nakadai, a company that handles industrial waste disposal and is redefining how we throw away trash. Another was Shin Kikuchi, who runs Ikimono Company and proposes a new relationship between food and people. Chika Furuya, producer of TOMO’S CRAFT, a craft cola brand that advocates for a comfortable “chilling.” Ibuki Ozawa, a child psychiatrist known for her work to protect the environment and dignity of children. Finally, Yasuaki Matsumoto, a priest who founded the Otera Oyatsu Club, which delivers temple offerings to families in need.

Connecting the dots

The media name “Dots & Loops” embodies the idea that each dot’s activities and thoughts can become a significant wave. It developed the opportunity to learn both the starting point of thought and the process by interviewing the pioneers.

At the end of the one-year series, Dots & Loops held an online event featuring a public discussion. The production team quoted memorable phrases and exchanged perspectives to learn from each other.
  • Visual Design : KESIKI
  • Music : RE:PUBLIC
  • Editorial Direction : KESIKI


The direct trigger for this media was the COVID-19 pandemic. However, all five interviewees had been aware of societal issues long before the pandemic and had been working to improve them. They were not just visionaries but had a strong conviction and power to involve others and implement change, which left a strong impression post-pandemic.