Moyuru Takachiho

Corporate Design

With my 18 years of experience in accounting work, I specialize in handling accounting and settlement operations. In addition, I support my colleagues by creating a healthy and comfortable working environment, including managing and improving the office environment.


Designing the atmosphere within our company

I aim to design the atmosphere within our company, creating a pleasant and enjoyable working environment where everyone feels relaxed and can concentrate on their tasks. Recently, I have been observing the food preferences of my colleagues to improve our office environment.

Individualized support for each person's unique needs

I provide individual support tailored to the unique personalities and lifestyles of each member, creating an environment where they can focus on their work. I also assist in reducing the administrative workload of my colleagues.


After graduating from university, I worked in a system company for 17 years in accounting. As a working mother raising three children, I joined KESIKI in 2019.