Turning discomfort in to inquiries


Online discussion platform project

It is difficult to envision the future from a series of past events, and the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored this fact. Social issues have come to light, and division has arisen. By posing good inquiries, this platform aims to provide a means for society to think and discuss.
How can we verbalize our discomfort and questions about the "norm" to create an impetus for better future exploration?
We developed and designed an online platform that takes "questions" about society as its starting point, and provided a place to deepen discussions with various examples and ideas, and to become a source of action and creativity.
Sublimating discomfort into questions

In 2020, the world rapidly changed due to COVID-19. People became sensitive to discomfort and questions that had previously been overlooked, and various social issues came to light.

The power of asking questions is the starting point for action and creation. At this time of societal transition, it may be a good time to think about and discuss the essence of things using the power of questions.

By verbalizing discomfort or creating inquiries about the “ordinary” and starting to explore a better future, Rhizomatiks (now Abstract Engine Co., Ltd.) and KESIKI jointly constructed an online platform for crafting inquiries.


A deliberately unfinished space

The platform is called “POWERFUL QUESTIONS,” which conveys the message that essential and powerful inquiries have the power to initiate discussions and actions. We raised 26 questions such as “How can we eliminate discrimination against essential workers and families who should be considered our heroes?” and “How can we constructively discuss politics and policies as something that concerns us?” and solicited ideas and inspiration in response.

The site, developed by Rhizomatiks’ engineering team, uses Google Sheets and deliberately leaves an impression of being unfinished. This approach represents the participants’ stance as “creators” who build the platform.

After the site launch, we held related online talk events. As an online platform for asking questions, it provides an organic discussion and a source of action and creation.


  • Website Design : Rhizomatiks
  • Copywriting & Editorial : KESIKI


When we articulate the discomfort or questions we feel in our daily lives, we may realize that we have not fully understood or thought deeply about them. This project has made us re-realize that questions are a tool for thinking. We also edited the questions during the platform construction. We can see things that become visible or, conversely, become buried by organizing them. We can rediscover that balance through trial and error.