Mami Wakao

Narrative Design

I use my experience in communication design at PR agencies and startups to design narratives that connect companies and brands with people. I handle language creation, copywriting, PR, owned-media design, and KESIKI’s corporate communications.


Words that contain truth and also room to breathe

I want to create words that touch on the essence of what people want to say and convey the truth of things, while allowing for individual interpretation and having a lasting impact over time. Short words contain rich possibilities. I like to explore these possibilities through poetry and music.

Designing the atmosphere that connects companies and people

I believe that the "atmosphere" that connects companies and people is created through the accumulation of language, images, and actions, and is based on the company's attitude, brand philosophy, and vision for the future. I want to consider communication comprehensively with a mindset of designing the atmosphere, by exploring what language to use, what questions to ask, and what actions to take.

Approaching the five senses

I am interested in how music, fragrance, atmosphere, and nature affect people and how to incorporate these five senses into our daily lives and work environments. There is a method called "pattern language" in architecture and design that verbalizes people's insights, and I want to explore how to connect the five senses that cannot be expressed in words using that method.


After graduating from Keio University’s Faculty of Law, I worked on communication design for venture and technology companies at a PR agency. I joined the fashion startup company Sitateru and was in charge of communication in various fields, including media planning, editing, and community management.

I became independent in 2020 and joined KESIKI. I am in charge of narrative design, including launching owned media, copywriting for MVV, event design and operation, etc. I also edit KESIKI’s Note articles and operate its social media. As a freelance editor and copywriter, I also work on communication and branding for D2C brands and projects related to food, clothing, and housing.